Swim Out to meet your destiny

Now wishful thinking is fine but it should be just the start...

What often eludes us is knowing exactly where to start to turn things around in our lives. It might be that you feel overwhelmed. It might be procrastination. Whatever it is, you need an action plan. It’s the ‘swimming out to meet your ship’ that alludes to the all-important action. You can trust your life to the fickle hand of fate or rise to the challenge of taking matters into your own hands. The phrase ‘don’t wait for your ship to come in. . . swim out to meet it’ means ‘don’t wait around for fate, identify your goals and take action to achieve them’. This is the essence of life coaching. After wishful thinking there needs to be planned, purposeful, decisive action.

Phases to achieve your goals: 1. Don’t Wait. . . represents INSIGHT. . . and the recognition that something needs to change. 2. Your Ship. . . which acknowledges OWNERSHIP. . . It’s your ship, your dream, so it’s up to you to do something about it. 3. Swim Out To Meet It. . . represents ACTION.

You can still believe in destiny, fate or the cosmic order, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t give fate a helping hand. In fact, it’s a must. #mialovesus #action #lifegoals #motivation #takeaction

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