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Hazel-Ann Lynch is a mother of a grown son and a glam-ma of two. She developed a love for writing and reading at a very young age and knew that one day she would be an author. Her passion for writing developed into her hobby of snail mailing. Having pen pals at the age of 12 and to-date. She has over 75 pen pals worldwide and yes she only uses pen and paper. While abroad and visiting writing Workshops she happened to be at the right places at the right times as she got 6 anthologies published through NY Writers Coalition, CIDNY (Center For The Disabled NY) and Voices of Lefferts, where she did her first piece on her main character Senor Fluffy in Paws For Knowledge.


NEW BOOK LAUNCH - Senor Fluffy: A Cat's Tale

Senor Fluffy is accustomed to butlers and housekeepers, being carried from place to place. travelling the world, eating and drinking the best of the best. So when his human decides abruptly to leave for NYC he is not having it...



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