This is MiaLove.

Making It About Love Over Various Enemies.

The story of MiaLove starts when one starts to do something for others rather than sit on the sidelines. To be able to give back to others and cherish those who need to be shown love. We may have been robbed of something in our lives that shook our sense of justice and faith in humanity. We may even be currently going through a profound event in our lives but then one small gesture from a fellow human being sparks in us a desire to return that love and touches us in such a way where we want to help others. This is MiaLove.


Cherish Every Moment

"Moments have been cut short in a lot of peoples lives. We need to live live everyday like it is our last but not make it our last,to cherish every moment. We can't just sit back and see so many bad things happen to people and not do something about it. My conscience will not allow me to NOT do anything. I've wanted to start this organization because of my daughter. I was robbed of her when she lost her life as an infant. Her life was cut short and I would have easily traded my life for hers so that she could live her life. What dives me to help others to be treated fairly, to not be bullied or shamed, to fight for people is my children. So by setting up this organization and putting my all into it, its so that I can show my children that there is good out there, there are people out there that need help, that need to be shown love. IF people can do this for others it makes the world a much better place."

Co-Founder K.C. Townsend

Make Moves Not Excuses

" From seeing and experiencing abuse in its many forms it has been apart of moulding me into the person I'am today. I have come to learn that in order to show love to myself and to others I need to make moves and not excuses. I truly feel that if I can be apart of making someone else feel like they matter or to help them in some way to break free of a negative cycle they are in or to just make their day in someway I can make a difference. I've been on a journey searching for something to complete me, something to validate what is in my heart, rather than believing in what someone else tells me. The power of love is truly amazing and I have found it in MiaLove. I hope to bring MiaLove to as many people as I possibly can."

Co-Founder Pandalific